Reducing traffic – actions

There are a number of actions we can pursue if we are really serious about cutting traffic levels and congestion:

Population growth
Population growth is a significant component of car growth. Population growth also has other negative impacts on the economy, environment and society. The obsession with population growth has to end. Policies should aim for a steady state population. Without an end to unsustainable population growth traffic congestion in Cornwall will never end

Housing and other development is largely a consequence of population growth, but the location and type of development can also influence traffic flows. For example, the proliferation of out of town shopping centres encourages travel as with the M&S and Next outside Hayle. Fast food outlets at Tuckingmill generate additional traffic.

Traffic Demand Management
TDM includes car parking charges, road space and alternative transport modes. Car parking charges should be extended to all retail and other outlets. The costs imposed by car users should be borne by car users not society in general. In effect car users are currently subsidised at the expence of others. Car trips are favoured as opposed to alternative forms of transport and not travelling at all.
Petrol prices should be increased.

Cutting demand
Cutting demand also means making the best use of technology. We need to enourage businesses to place more material on their websites, to adopt an ‘Amazon approach’ with more browsing and shopping online.

As individuals we need to think about reducing our car usage – combining several activities in one trip, reducing those one-off trips. We need to ask ourselves if we need to make a trip at all.



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