More fast food outlets, more traffic!

We now know the Trevenson Gateway application near Camborne is for a Travelodge, a Marstons pub/restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Costa Coffee, Will that make 6 or is it 7 fast food outlets within a 100m radius? The developers are JSL (Trevenson) Ltd of Warwickshire. Their agents (from Leicester) say that ‘the choice of dining venues … will enhance the site as a destination capable of attracting a wide range of visitors’.. [PA16/05496].

So the idea is to encourage people to travel more. Odd, policies in the Urban Framework Plan included:

This means promoting economic growth but at the same time avoiding further traffic growth

Remove traffic congestion on the A3047 Camborne to Redruth spine road.

It also means creating a street network that overcomes congestion at Pool crossroads.

Current development densities along the corridor are low and high traffic generating uses, such as the Big W, have been permitted away from the corridor.

So all along the new road network was designed to encourage extra traffic, just as we thought. Of course, visitors to the range of fast food outlets at the crossroads could all be walking or cycling!


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