Decision day – a failed opportunity!

Today is the EU referendum day – a day of decision. Yet whoever wins what difference will it make? Both the main groups on either side are wedded to a neo-liberal economic agenda, both support unsustainable population growth. Environmental degradation has continued despite the UK’s membership of the EU and a substantial number of both Brexit and remain supporters do not believe that people are responsible for climate breakdown. Whether in or out, in reality the environment will be ignored. Supporters on both sides are generally united in a belief in consumerism, of a right to consume, to travel and use resources regardless of the impact on others.

Prior to the referendum there should have been more of a debate on what sort of society we wanted – in terms of democratic structures, economic aims and objectives, population policy and environmental policy – within the framework of a steady state society.

Then the most appropriate structure within which to achieve those aims could have been discussed. Whether a steady state on a pan European basis or a steady state in one country.

That debate never happened and we will be all the poorer for it.


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