Road traffic congestion – causes and effects

London’s unhappy status as a city with some of the worst road traffic congestion in the world is now the new mayor’s to try to change. It is a problem that substantially arises from London’s lusty economic and population growth, which generate more pressure on road space, which means more and more people spending more and more time sitting in jams. This is bad for business, bad for air quality and bad for people’s tempers too. No wonder there’s so much rage on the capital’s roads these days.

Traffic congestion in London is as the article states a consequence of economic and population growth. It also reflects societies love affair with the car.

So what is to be done? One element of the solution is to stop unsustainable population growth. We also need to transform the economy so that growth is really sustainable – although large components of growth are not. We also need to accept that we cannot just travel around as we wish.

Recent reports on climate breakdown – see Saturdays blog tell us that we need to do something radical. We cannot afford to wait!


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