Local plan – more unsustainable housing

The Inspector into the Cornwall Local Plan has just released his “Schedule of Post Hearing Changes for Consultation.” This sets out the changes that he deems necessary to make the Plan “sound” in the eyes of central government, and follows the second session of the Examination in Public (EiP) which took place in May.

He has now asked the Council to publish the changes for consultation and to then forward responses to him before he provides his final recommendations to the unitary authority.

At the previous session (May 2015), the Inspector instructed Cornwall Council to make a series of changes to the Plan as originally proposed. Readers of this blog will recall that this included an uplift in the overall housing target.

It appears that the Inspector has accepted the Council’s revisions and he has not sought to increase the overall housing target of 52,500 dwellings for the period 2010 to 2030. He has however inserted an additional target for 2,550 bed-spaces in communal facilities for older people.


Development proposals in the period to 2030 should help to deliver:
1. A minimum of 52,500 homes at an average rate of about 2,625 per year to 2030, to help deliver sufficient new housing of appropriate types to meet future requirements.

Do we actually need 52,500 homes? No, most of these are to accommodate inward migration, second homes and holiday lets.


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