Population growth : the options

The objective should be to attain a steady state population where growth is static. This would have a number of benefits:

It would place a limit on our potential to use resources, although other policies would be required to limit per capita consumption.

We would able to benefit from technogical progress to reduce our consumption levels and output of greenhouse gases.

Instead of having to find resources simply to keep up with population growth we would be able to devote investment to improving our current infrastructure.

There would no longer be a need to build houses just to keep up with population growth. Instead we could actually deal with housing need.

We could also move away from densification policies and instead ensure a higher quality environment for households.

Job creation could concentrate on upgrading, improving and enhancing employment prospects rather than largely playing catch-up.

We could make a real impact on dealing with issues such as traffic congestion rather than expanding our road network to accommodate growth.


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