Bogus population assertions (3)

Britain is not “full” and very little of the country is built upon. With an ageing demographic, we need our population to expand; and with birth rates declining, immigration will be key to propping up the economy, the NHS and the care industry.

Well it seems that birth rates are higher than most countries in the EU!

Women in the UK are giving birth at an average rate of 1.9 children each, significantly higher than other major European nations like Germany. The figure – which rose by 12% between 2003 and 2013 – ranks Britain third in the EU by fertility rate after France and Ireland.

But why do we need immigration to ‘prop up the economy’? Well we dont. As we stated yesterday, a declining population would be better for us in the long-term. We do need to have a more sustainable society and that cannot be attained if the population keeps going up. As for the NHS – we need to spend more on training staff instead of making short-term policy choices – such as cutting training – under the banner of austerity which result in long term costs. As for the care industry- low pay needs to be addressed if we are to attract more staff.


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