Bogus assertions about population growth (1)!

Britain is not “full” and very little of the country is built upon. With an ageing demographic, we need our population to expand; and with birth rates declining, immigration will be key to propping up the economy, the NHS and the care industry.

On a regular basis anti-sustainability supporters pop up to assert that the UK needs a growing population. Lets look at the statement and critique it.

Britain is not “full” and very little of the country is built upon.
What does that mean? It suggests that you could add to the population without any ill effects. Not full implies there is plenty of room for more people. Some 11% of land in England is built on. But what does the writer think all that land which is not built upon is used for? empty space ready for concreting over? Presumably. Does the writer not realise that land is used for growing food. We import 40% of the food consumed. That means the population is already higher than it should be in terms of food security.

And what of the other areas? There are substantial areas of upland particularly in Wales and Scotland not suitable for growing food or for development. Then we have areas of woodland. Again all useful in terms of biodiversity, all important in terms of carbon capture.

Has the writer not heard of climate breakdown? Oddly enough that’s caused by more people consuming more! Ever heard of the term sustainability? Presumably not.

Does the writer want to cram more people into our urban areas? Build on all the green areas? Put everyone into tower blocks?

And for what purpose?


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