Strict planning regulations in Cornwall? Oh come get real!

Returning to the paper on tourism which we first commented on last Monday.

In the paper it is stated – House price inflation due to high levels of second home ownership is identified as a pressing social concern in the region, although retirement migration, low regional wage levels and strict planning regulations play a part.

Dykes and Walmsley, The Reluctant tourist? An exploration of second home owners’ perceptions of their impacts on North Cornwall, UK, European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation. 2015.

What can we say?
Retirement migration – yes thats a factor but then so is migration of working age households.

Low regional wage levels? Low wages in Cornwall cannot create house price inflation. In fact if house prices in Cornwall reflected earnings they would be far lower than they are now.

Strict planning regulations? Presumably the idea here is that planning regulations are stopping more houses being built to accommodate more second home owners? We think not. The evidence is to the contrary. Cornwall has very high house building rate in relation to its population and existing housing stock.


One comment on “Strict planning regulations in Cornwall? Oh come get real!

  1. trerice5 says:

    Just listening briefly to that TV programme “A Place in the Sun”. The English couple on the programme who were considering buying a holiday home in Spain. When asked why they wanted a holiday home in Spain the answers were, we want the sun, we could have family get togethers, barbecues, and so on. Not once did I hear them say for example, we want to learn more about Spain, I would like to learn Spanish or improve what I’ve already learnt, we want to meet Spanish people and find out what problems they have etc, etc. Yes, they want the holiday home and it’s all about their needs and that is probably very typical for both holiday home buyers and holiday makers. No doubt it’s the same for those wanting a holiday home in Cornwall, yet I’m sure if they were asked what do think about the Cornish wanting to restrict second /holiday homes they would probably say, it was selfish and shouldn’t be allowed. So, apart from wanting to protect Cornwall’s environment and way of life, this is why I would never feel mean at supporting restrictions on second homes wherever they are.

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