Another store – more traffic on the way!

Building work will now begin at the site off Close Hill, Redruth which is to become Cornwall’s newest Aldi store. The budget retail chain is expected to open in the autumn at the site of the former Avers Garage just off the roundabout at Close Hill on the outskirts of Redruth. Last year Cornwall Council granted permission for the German owned budget supermarket chain to build a store covering a gross floor area of 1,254 m² with 117 customer and staff parking spaces.

Partner at Miller Commercial Peter Heather says “We are delighted to work on behalf of Porthia Ltd and secure this deal with Aldi on such a prominent site. “It also marks an important point in the regeneration of Redruth – where adjoining sites are currently being developed for residential use and where in the town centre Miller Commercial is engaged in a number of projects.”

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In the distant past planning policy used to address the question of which areas were appropriate for retail. One aspect of this was that town centres should be maintained. The idea being that people could carry out a range of shopping and other activities in one central location. A generally good idea in terms of sustainability.

Nowadays the situation is different. Retail outlets like housing developments sprout up anywhere, outlets are dispersed across and outside urban areas. This has the effect of encouraging shoppers to travel impacting on congestion, pollution and liveability. And the new store will be next to a roundabout! There will soon be references to traffic issues and road ‘improvements’! And will the new store regenerate Redruth? Or will it be a factor in the town centres decline?


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