Houses for our children?

It has been stated that we need to build more houses in Cornwall to ensure that future generations will have somewhere to live. In this context it has been asserted that births exceed deaths.

Quite a good way of getting support for more housing – its for your children!. But its not true.

Although both the 2010 and 2012 based population projections suggest no overall change in the resident population with births balancing deaths, the reality is quite different. As the table shows in the five years from 2010 onwards, deaths exceeded births in four. The last three years have shown consistent negative growth.

Year Births Deaths Balance
2009 5540 5440 100
2010 5558 5717 -159
2011 5808 5663 145
2012 5721 5889 -168
2013 5605 6070 -465
2014 5447 5889 -442

So the extra houses are not to meet the needs of a growing local population! [But we knew that anyway!]


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