St. Ives, a step forward but we need a leap!

From an article in the Guardian Newspaper

Next month St Ives will vote in a referendum to approve a neighbourhood plan. While the plan’s 108 pages cover a range of local matters, the eye-catching measure is to be found in section 3, point H2, under the heading “Full-Time Principal Residence Housing”.

If the plan is approved, there will be a legal requirement to ensure that all new housing in the area is for principal residence., with the owners’ status checked against the electoral roll and doctors’ registers. While out-of-towners will still be able to buy second-hand houses as second homes or holiday lets, all newly built property will be reserved exclusively for the locals.

For more:

A step in the right direction yet not sufficient. To really have an impact all housing in the area should be used as a principal residence. Indeed, why not extend the proposed policy to all of Cornwall?


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