The population induced growth delusion

As we have highlighted in previous blogs there are those who persist with the population delusion. In essence they believe that more is good. There are of course groups who have an interest in population growth particularly those in the development sector – more people means they have a good excuse to build more houses.

As we have pointed out before proponents of population growth see it as a means of boosting the economy although that is a false belief. Yes if your population grows by 10% it is likely that your economy will grow by 10%, but as individuals you are no better off than you were before.

Population induced economic growth creates the illusion of economic growth and an ‘improvement’ in economic well-being. All those new houses, employment sites and roads give the impression of moving forward. Yet it is simply an illusion. Society is not better off and that is leaving aside the impact on the environment – more climate breakdown being the most obvious impact.


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