Hamsters and development!

An odd headline you might think but read on!

Willton Homes of Bournemouth and their agents DHA Planning of Kent are applying for another urban extension at Liskeard. This involves 275 houses (17% social rent, 75% open market), a care home, GP surgery and employment space. The applicants claim that development will ‘help provide a larger customer base’ at Liskeard, while it will ‘maintain and hopefully attract more jobs and better services’. Only ‘hopefully’? [PA15/09821]

From ‘It’s Our Cornwall’

So where are the hamsters (well they won’t be around if the development goes ahead!)? Developments for housing often include references to employment space and the implication is that this is extra employment and therefore the local community should embrace the development proposal because of the ‘extra’ jobs!

But of course these are NOT extra jobs. Each housing development creates at least 1 jobseeker with each house – the ‘extra’ jobs are to keep pace with the extra jobseekers.

Overall – no extra jobs where is where the hamsters come in! Each development adds houses and job


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