Carry on road building!

Despite the Paris Climate Change conference concluding that something must be done to avert the main impacts of man induced global warming – on the ground little has changed!

Plans are afoot to turn the A30 between Carland Cross and Chiverton into an expressway – which according to the ‘West Briton’ is fantastic news.

The ‘West Briton’ does however add a note of caution noting the plans for the two stadia outside Truro and suggesting that the A390 would have to cope with more traffic – due to extra traffic on the ‘new’ road. Indeed whoever would have thought there would be more traffic on other roads? Never heard of that notion before!

The ‘West Briton’ has a solution of course – a comprehensive plan for the entirity of Cornwall’s road network – which presumably means – widening more roads!

The idea that widening this stretch of the A30 will lead to an economic boom, ease congestion and improve Cornwall is misplaced.

We should be reducing not increasing car use and of course not supporting plans which increase traffic levels such as the 52,500 houses in the Local Plan!


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