Flooding and climate breakdown

With various cities, towns and villages affected by flooding in England, unprecedented mild weather thoughts turn to climate breakdown.

All the evidence points to changes in global weather conditions as temperatures rise. The impacts may be different from predicted impacts as we do not fully understand what effect increased temperatures have on weather patterns. However, changes are taking place and for the worse.

So what do we do? Simply signing up to agreements such as the recent Paris agreement is not enough, repeating the mantra ‘We must do something’ is useless.

Action is needed at all levels, global, national and individual. The UK needs to abandon its current obsession with population growth, as does Cornwall.

We need to seriously reduce our impact by changing our lifestyles – consuming less, travelling less by transport modes that have high environmental impacts such as air and car. We may need to reduce our consumption of resource hungry foods such as meat.

There is of course a question of equity to consider. High earners consume more than low earners so it would be appropriate for them to make larger sacrifices. When we hear calls for airport expansion don’t forget this benefits the more affluent. More roads – again, benefits accrue to the more affluent.

Its time to make a change – NOW.


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