Tregenna fields – the Jude Robinson take

Jude Robinson, a councillor in Camborne made some odd remarks regarding the Tregenna fields planning application earlier in the year.

had to start my piece with stating my support for more homes and development in Camborne, which is not always popular.

How odd, all that house building already and people wisely do not see the need for lots more! Bizarre that after all these years of population growth, we still get people asserting that the answer to Cornwall’s economic problems is more population growth!

The right development will attract more people to live in our town and bring employment and opportunity for those already here.

Why do we need more people to move to Camborne? And what is the strange magic that results in extra employment and opportunities from people moving to Camborne? Is Jude unaware of the various initiatives to fund employment development to creat jobs for an expanding population?

The site is also a green field site in a town that has lots of plots of brown field land available

Ah yes all that brown field land! Interesting that both Jude Robinson (Labour) and George Eustice (Conservative) share in the myth that there are untold areas of brownfield land in Camborne. Where exactly is it?


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