Carry on driving (never mind the climate!)

Petrol should drop to £1 a litre before Christmas if retailers “do the right thing” and pass on savings from the lower oil price, the RAC has predicted.

Earlier this week, the price of Brent crude oil fell below $40 a barrel for the first time since 2009. The RAC said there should be a 3p a litre drop for petrol prices and 5p for diesel, taking the average price to 103p and 104p respectively. But it expects prices will be lower than this at many forecourts. “All we need is for the supermarkets to do the right thing and embrace the season of goodwill by passing on those savings at the pump to make Christmas that much cheaper for everyone,” said RAC spokesman Simon Williams.

Doing the right thing is NOT to cut petrol prices! Lets think folks – climate breakdown change talks in Paris!

The Government should be raising taxes on petrol to compensate for the decline in prices and to discourage car use but that is as likely to happen as turkeys voting for Christmas!


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