Retail, retail, retail!

A news item from the Trelawney Alliance:

There were two applications before Cornwall Council Strategic Planning [19th November], (1) The Hayle Rugby Club development about 10 acres and (2) Cranford 35 acres. The first application was approved. The second application for Cranford was refused.
All I can say is it could have been worse, Hayle Councillors Pollard,Bennetts and Coombes fought hard to get both applications approved but it didn’t happen.

I would like to make particular mention of Councillor Robert Webber who spoke very effectively against the proposal and the negative effect it would have on Camborne. I didn’t see any other Cornwall Councillors who represent Camborne take the time to speak out against the application.

Two other Cornwall Councillors Cornelious Olivier and David Hughes also spoke well against against the applications, they fully understood the impact the extension of the Hayle site would have on the rest of Cornwall.

So more development for Hayle! What exactly is the point of all this retail development? We now have the ridiculous situation of more retail on the north -east of Hayle while at the same time Pool is being promoted as the retail centre of the Camborne-Redruth conurbation.

On the surface it looks bizarre but as we all know the idea is to bump up the population and of course encourage more people to travel more to shop! We can expect more traffic on the A30 as people head west to shop! Time for more road building then!


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