51,000 – 52,000 houses?

Rumour has it that the latest housing target for Cornwall is some 51,000 – 52,000 up from the previous 47,000 which was up on a previous figure of 42,000 and is way above the maximum of 29,000 that CoSERG and others considered earlier in the plan process!

Do we need all these houses – no we don’t! The reasons for the rising figures? To accommodate more in-migration and second homes! Local need – would require a far lower figure. And to repeat – numbers on the Homechoice Register – wrongly called the waiting list do not reflect need and have little if any link to the number of new houses required. [The overwhelming majority of those on the HCR already live in a property!].


One comment on “51,000 – 52,000 houses?

  1. Peter Wyper says:

    Sadly no joke. The bloke from Bristol knows more about the needs of Cornwall then 123 councillors and loads of planning officers. If he really is so clever, why don’t Cornwall Council offer him shed loads of money to be Chief Exec?

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