The road to ruin – the Camborne to Redruth link road

Last week the last stage of the east-west link road that was the result of all that poor planning way back in the early 21st century. Yes a new link from Barncoose to Camborne Tesco.

Wont it cut congestion? No afraid not folks, the plans are for more development in the area, in fact houses have been springing up faster than a field of daffodils in spring. And we all know that more houses mean more people with more cars making more trips!

What about the extra jobs that it will bring? Oh come on, the ‘extra’ jobs are to meet the needs of the rising population which will result from the extra houses!

But surely a better environment for people in the area? Difficult to see how having another road will improve the environment – the people of Tuckingmill will now have three roads within earshot – how nice! And lots of new housing will be built next to the road – what a pleasant environment – not!

But wont more people use public transport now?
Hahaha, of course they will. People will prefer to walk to a bus stop, wait for a bus and then travel to the next stop when oddly enough with a new road using the car will be so much easier!

We all know there was an alternative option for the Camborne-Redruth area but the plan always was to enlarge it by attracting people to the area rather than turn it into a more sustainable and pleasant place to live in!


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