Misusing the refugee crisis

We do not usually delve into foreign policy but feel a need to break our self-denying ordinance in this case. The ongoing refugee crisis has highlighted the lack of definite policy on an EU basis on a range of issues.

What is disturbing is that some politicians are now using the refugee crisis to reiterate the view that population growth is good for the UK in economic terms. Therefore the argument goes we should allow more refugees into the UK than the current Government proposes.

It can be argued that Government policy in relation to the refugee crisis is incorrect although it is difficult to find any policymakers who come out of this mess with any credibility.

By all means provide more aid for refugees whether in Europe or in the countries adjacent to Syria but instead of taking the narrow, selfish and self-seeking approach of what can the UK gain from the flow of educated and talented Syrians fleeing Syria, we should be thinking of the long-term loss to Syria that this entails.


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