Utter madness!!!

Robert Peston of the BBC makes a case for Germany accepting a massive influx of people.

There is an economic and demographic backdrop to the differential policies towards asylum-seekers of Germany and the UK – to Germany’s relatively open door, that compares with the UK’s heavily fortified portal (which will be opened just a bit by David Cameron later today).

The two relevant points (leaving aside moral ones) are that:
the UK’s population is rising fast, whereas Germany’s is falling fast;
the dependency ratio (the proportion of expensive older people in the population relative to able-bodied, tax-generating workers) is rising much quicker in Germany than in the UK.

Here are the European Commission’s projections from its Ageing Report that was published earlier this year.

It projects that Germany’s population will shrink from 81.3 million in 2013 to 70.8 million in 2060, whereas the UK’s will rise from 64.1 million to 80.1 million.

For more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34172729

The thought that the UK population might rise by 25% by 2060 should make any sensible person recoil in horror. Sustainability? Adequate food? Carbon output? Good housing? Pleasant environment?

We think not.

The argument that we need to keep boosting the working age population is badly misplaced. As the new population ages do we import more people?

The sensible approach is to take advantage of a declining population to allow for a more sustainable society. Its the only sensible way forward.


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