24/7 – not all the time!

Over the last decade or so the concept of 24/7 has become increasingly important. The increase in communications with the advent of the internet has made this possible – news and information can now travel across the globe at any time of the day and night. In some ways this is an important development – consumers can go online to look for and purchase goods and services when they want, information is now more freely available.

But at the same time there has been a downside. Shop opening hours are extending into the evenings, some shops open all night. Now apart from being unnecessary there are serious side effects: A lower quality of life for the workers concerned (and poorer health); increased traffic and consequent pollution; less chance to use public transport as it is unviable to provide transport at all hours.

So the idea that the tube should run at all hours should be rejected. The only people we need to work at night are some health workers, police, fire and defence – and that’s it.

Ah yes we hear someone say “Well I like shopping late at night” maybe you do but your ‘right’ has negative impacts on others – don’t be so selfish!


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