What is happening at Carn Brea?

Recent news reports and facebook blogs have highlighted proposals to develop a BMX track at the base of Carn Brea. Understandably local residents and Carn users are concerned.

At the moment no formal proposal has been put forward although it appears that talks have already been held. The danger here is that when planning permission is sought the developers will have gone through the issues with the planners and the proposal will be deemed to meet any planning requirements.

The site has been described as derelict which is patently untrue. In fact a substantial part of the area was ‘reclaimed’ by Kerrier District Council many years ago for sports pitches – unused as they were some distance from potential users.

The area is now a tranquil open area with trees along the lane which runs through the area and a pleasant open space. An ideal location for walking and relaxation for residents of Pool and Tregajorran.

The area also plays an important role providing a green space between Carn Brea and the railway line.

Any development here would impact on the landscape, quality of life of residents and the wider environment of Carn Brea.

Supporters of the proposal (who do not appear to live anywhere near the area) have made dubious claims about the benefits the development would confer on the local area – such as lower crime, a more active population etc.

Opposition to the proposal is not about whether a BMX track is needed that is a separate issue. The issue is that the site is inappropriate. And it seems there is already a track just outside Redruth catering for local needs!

For comments and some excellent photos see: https://www.facebook.com/keepthecarn?fref=ts


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