Things can only get worse!

August is the month when there are more news items about traffic hold ups on the roads, when ordinary folk complain about how long it takes to get from one place to another. And we know the reasons?

Well yes it’s partly due to all those tourists rushing to get away from it all (and finding they have brought it with them); but it’s also due to an increasing population which results in more cars and more traffic. And there’s another factor – all those extra trips – made by people who nip out to buy a bottle of milk at the supermarket, those who take advantage of fast food outlets conveniently located on the road network but some distance from where people live.

And the bad news is – it’s going to get worse! All those planning developments approved on a regular basis and faithfully recorded on ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ will just add to the traffic problems.

[We are surprised there are not people out there who are the equivalent of climate change deniers! Perhaps they are believing that congestion on the roads has nothing to do with more people driving around!]


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