(Non) eco town

‘It’s Our Cornwall’ have run a couple of blogs on the proposed ‘eco-town’ at St. Austell – some incisive comments.

Cornwall Council/Orascom/Imerys/Eden Project like to portray their ‘eco-town’ plans as using ‘brownfield land’. Yet the 1,500 houses pencilled in for their St Austell ‘eco-town’ appear to be for vegetated green areas (sometimes quite rich in biodiversity terms), not the old claypits. Strange that. [PA14/12186]

And the disingenuity award for 2015 goes to Cornwall Council/Orascom/ Imerys for their application for a new 1,500 house suburb at St Austell which will ‘meet housing need for future families and generations’. They seem to have forgotten to add ‘… who are currently not resident in Cornwall’ though. [PA14/12186]


The ‘eco-town’ concept was fundamentally flawed from its inception. Many sites such as the one at St. Austell are not brownfield in the strict sense of the term; the housing is designed to attract people to Cornwall and the new inhabitants will be no more sustainable than anyone else. ‘Eco towns’ are a good example of green wash and that is all!


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