Strategic planning??

Last weeks decisions relating to planning around Truro reveal the lack of strategic thinking in Cornwall. We now have the potential for two stadia within kicking distance of one another, even more supermarkets and of course all the extra housing.

There are two issues here – planning gain and a holistic approach to planning.

1) Once again the deadly planning gain appeared a development is proposed and supported on the grounds that if it goes ahead the community or whoever will gain something in return.

It is time that proposed developments were considered on their merits. For example with a proposal such as the stadium the pros and cons of a stadium should have been examined. If it was deemed to be a good idea then the questions of funding and location should have then been discussed.

2) Holism – developments cannot and should never be looked at in isolation. For example, regarding supermarkets the issues are how many supermarkets are needed in an area; where is the best location; what would be the impact on other retail outlets; how much traffic would a development generate?


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