A stadium, a football ground, 2,500 houses and 3 supermarkets – you cannot be serious?

From ‘Its Our Cornwall’

Cornwall Council’s Strategic Planning Committee today provided final proof of their utter incompetence in the face of developer-led population growth, They voted 11-8 to permit another 130 houses and a supermarket at West Langarth, almost halfway to Redruth, That’s on top of already giving the go-ahead for 1,500 houses at Langarth, 435 at Willow Green and 515 at Maiden Green, all west of Truro. And 3 supermarkets? Can they really believe that increasing the size of Truro by a third in a couple of decades makes sense?

So much for sustainability, good planning or looking to the future.

1) Truro does not need the extra houses or supermarkets
2) We thought the original idea was for the stadium to be multi-use (including football) obviously not
3) Stadium supporters now talk of government funding to expand it to a 10,000 seater – obviously better to spend money on that than on libraries or social care
4) Traffic – the feeder roads are already congested!


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