Get in your car NOW!

Yes that’s the message that’s being promoted in the media. If you fancy a pasty don’t walk into your nearest shop just get in the car and drive to Pool and get one at the new drive-thru! Oh and don’t forget if you fancy a pizza the next day, well drive to Pool and get a pizza at the new fast food outlet there. Oh and if want a different type of pasty, yes just get in the car and nip along to the new pasty Barnecutts outlet at East hill by the traffic lights. You could of course also go for a meal at Tescos why not?

Lets face it on a local scale you are just adding to traffic levels with the associated pollution; on a global level a bit more global warming – killing off a few bumble bees here and there (what have bumble bees ever done for us?), making the oceans less productive, eliminating some more plants and animals. Never mind just carrying on being irresponsible.

Malcolm Bell from tourism group Visit Cornwall said: ‘It’s a great idea. We’ve been walking in and out of pasty shops for ages to get basically the world’s best and earliest fast food. It’s great to have a drive-thru which draws attention to the great pasty and great to have it in Redruth which is obviously one of the hearts of mining history. Anything that gives profile to Cornwall and gets it talked about helps us massively.

Sorry but walking to get a pasty is still the best option! [In Redruth? we think not, best to get the map out and check]

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One comment on “Get in your car NOW!

  1. trerice says:

    I agree with what you say. People if having to drive anywhere need to plan their journeys so that they are not driving to out of town shops unnecessarily or if living out of town, driving into town unnecessarily. There’s no reason if going to or through Pool for other things you can’t stop off for a drive-in pasty, but driving from Portreath, Redruth, Hayle, Camborne or Truro just for pasties, when there’s dozens of pasty shops in walking distance, is just plain wrong I think.

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