When is a boost not a boost?

According to a news report schools in Wadebridge will get a ‘boost’ if a housing development goes ahead. And what will the money be used for? A good question! The problem is that schools in the town are already running at full capacity and the new population from the new houses will need well school spaces!

So the money is not to improve facilities for existing pupils but to allow for extra pupils. It is not a boost but simply allowing for more pupils. Now if the housing development does not go ahead and the £400,000 is not made available will Wadebridge be worse off? No it will not because it only ‘needs’ the extra money to provide for the extra pupils!

And a final point. If new housing was really to meet local needs – basically shifting people out from existing housing into better housing/reducing overcrowding for example, then the number of pupils would not rise! As we know the new housing will attract people from other parts of the UK. Building new housing has nothing to do with dealing with housing need!

Wadebridge schools set for £400,000 boost – if housing development goes ahead

Read more: http://www.cornishguardian.co.uk/Wadebridge-schools-set-400-000-boost-housing/story-26665120-detail/story.html#ixzz3doxOGflw


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