Another reason to use your car!

News this week of a new development at Pool. THE world’s first ever pasty drive-through will be opening its gates to motorists in a matter of weeks. Portreath Bakery’s drive-through in Wilson Way in Pool will also feature a 100-seat restaurant, a gluten-free bakery and a state-of-the-art baker-training facility. Owner Marion Symonds said work was well under way on the facility that she says will create more than 40 jobs and five apprenticeships for people in the area.

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On the surface this looks like good news – with some more jobs. But more careful analysis presents a worrying trend. Why you might ask?

The development will be on Wilson Way part of the new East-West link road. The new road was portrayed to local residents as a means of cutting congestion in the area. But the reality was always different as it regarded as a means of allowing more development in the area particularly housing.

The old paradigm was that new road space eased congestion but the new paradigm is that new road space actually increases road use. Why is that? Well for one thing if people think it will be easier to travel from A to B because of a new road they will do so. If residents of Redruth think it will now take less time to get to Pool they are more likely to get in their car to go to Pool.

New roads invariably lead to more development. Each house built will result in at least one additional car in the area and cars move around. Then there is retail/leisure and food services. Pool has already seen a build up of retail outlets which encourage car travel. The pasty drive-through is part of a trend of providing fast food outlets in the area – Dominos and Subway at Pool for example. So now instead of encouraging people to visit their local pasty shop or fast food outlet which they may well access on foot, we are saying “Oh get in your car and drive a couple of miles to get a pasty.”

Traffic congestion in Camborne and Redruth and its environs is already a problem, it’s going to get worse not better.


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