Housing myths (3) jobs

One myth frequently put forward is that building more housing creates jobs. This is based on two elements:

1) You need people to build houses therefore more jobs.

2) Many developments include employment proposals, therefore more jobs are being made available.

Lets take each in turn.

Building houses creates jobs for construction workers – fine but once the houses are built the jobs or in reality the work hours needed to build the houses end.

More jobs with each development. We frequently see media reports of ‘500 new jobs for Camborne or Bodmin or wherever’.

But these are NOT EXTRA JOBS On average each new house will contain a jobseeker an extra jobseeker. Hence the new jobs will go towards meeting the needs of the new jobseekers. The end result is ‘more’ jobs but for ‘more’ people so we are no better off.

The ‘extra’ jobs create the illusion that we are developing the economy but all that is happening is that we are playing catch up!


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