More development does not improve housing affordability or provide extra jobs!

From ‘Its Our Cornwall’

In the ‘debate’ at Cornwall Council on May 19th on its Case for Cornwall (Council), Cllr Dwelly for the Labour Party expressed reservations about devolving planning matters to Cornwall as this would run the risk of being a ‘nimbies’ charter’. He added ‘we must not stop development where appropriate’, because of the advantages it brings for jobs, affordable housing and first time buyers.

Comment And where is the ‘evidence that more development brings jobs, that it provides affordable housing and helps first time buyers? There is none. If you have 100,000 dwellings with say 100,000 jobs, and you increase the number of dwellings by 10% and the number of jobseekers by 10% and the number of jobs by 10% – you are basically where you were before!

Media headlines which state “500 extra jobs for Trebodget” are meaningless as they invariably go with the 500 extra jobseekers in the 500 extra houses.

If you want to increase jobs you provide more jobs without bumping up the number of houses with more jobseekers – go figure!


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