What needs to change?

To reach our goal of meeting housing needs in Cornwall what needs to change?

Quite a lot – tinkering will not work!

1) Planning
Plan for local need not for the leisure sector or to encourage in-migration;

Change the planning use class system so that to change from permanent residential use to second home/holiday lets requires planning permission.

Perhaps allow existing second homes/holiday lets to have grandfather rights on the basis that on sale they would transfer back to permanent resident use.

2) Population
We need to plan for a steady state population – the obsession with population growth must end. At a UK level this would require changes to limit labour movement.

The idea that more people will boost economic growth is the equivalent of a Ponzi scheme.

3) Housing
In the long-term the aim should be to bring Cornish house prices in line with Cornish earnings. House prices should remain stable to allow this to happen.

Only build housing that is needed.

Provide support for various forms of social/community housing.

Change the tax system to reduce current disparities in income and wealth.


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