The way ahead?

What is the way ahead? With current policies we will see a continuing growth of housing in Cornwall. New developments on the outskirts of towns and infill within our towns. Talk of building on brownfield is unrealistic the amounts in Cornwall are negligible. Most new housing will be on greenfield or green areas within the towns.

Now some will argue that infill is a great idea. Saves agricultural land. Well lets look at the reality. Every small site that is developed with towns means a loss of space a loss of character. Gardens built on, green spaces developed. One minute you live in a relatively green area next minute its like parts of an inner city.

And most new developments are high density with a small patch for a garden. New housing at Pool or Dolcoath for example has less garden space than nearby housing built in the 19th century! So we will cram more people into the towns as well as developing more farmland.

Now for some lucky people this is not the future. For some the coastal and more rural areas will remain as pleasant and tranquil retreats. But to live there you will have to be rather affluent. So the ‘nicer’ areas of Cornwall will become even more the preserve of the affluent – often second home owners or properties providing an income from holiday lets.

Cramming more people in and building more housing means more traffic so we now find that more people are living near busy roads – more noise more air pollution. Not a good quality of life at all.

But this dystopian future is not inevitable, we do not have to travel along the road to this urban hell. We do have a choice.

Tomorrow lets look at what we could have and how we might achieve it.


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