An answer please?

One of the interesting aspects of new housing developments in the Camborne-Redruth area is that they are often seen as ‘a good thing’ by people who make pronouncements on such issues. John Banham (who lives in a rather pleasant part of coastal west Cornwall) praised the new housing at Dolcoath. Not sure when you are moving in JB but hope you get the transport sorted out.

Now we hear that one of the candidates in the Camborne-Redruth constituency lives in a rather pleasant rural, tranquil coastal area – Port Navas it seems. Nice.

The question we suspect the man or woman on the Camborne omnibus might ask is “What do you think of the new housing that has been built – high density, gardens too small to swing a cat (though that sounds rather cruel so best not to try it), and next to a nice new road (all that traffic to Tescos) – if you like it, when are YOU going to move in?”

The curious case of the vile rant in Camborne & Redruth


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