Mebyon Kernow housing policy

MKS housing policy

Affordable homes for local people
Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall believes that local
families have a fundamental right to good quality housing, both
for purchase and rent, in their own communities and at a price
that is truly affordable to people of Cornish wages.

But an out-of-control housing market means house prices in
Cornwall have rocketed, leaving a clear mismatch between local
wages and house prices. Private rented properties have become
extremely expensive and getting a “council house” is but a distant
dream for the many thousands in housing need.

The market was fractured by the Thatcherite sell-off of council
houses in the 1980s. And it has been worsened by the
Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition Government, which
has massively slashed investment in affordable housing, replaced
the social rent model with a new “affordable rent” model that sets
rents at 80% of the inflated cost of private sector rents, allowed
tax-breaks for buy-to-let “investors,” and reinvigorated the “rightto-buy” of council houses.
They have even raised the threshold to trigger affordable housing
on smaller sites and undermined the ability of Councils to provide
for the needs of their communities, while large house-builders
have posted record profits.

Mebyon Kernow is campaigning for:
 A planning system which focuses on providing local-needs
affordable housing – not large amounts of open market
housing to benefit speculative builders.

 The development of council houses as a priority, alongside
initiatives to increase the number of proper affordable homes
through registered providers, charities, co-operatives and
Community Land Trusts.

 Legislation to halt and reverse the spread of second homes,
as well as additional local taxation on those properties which are not permanently occupied.

Comment A fair assessment of the housing situation in Cornwall. There are however some important gaps – the impact of population due to in-migration is not mentioned, neither is the impact of holiday homes (those let out to people on holiday) or houses built for investment purposes.


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