Green party – housing (2)

Well certainly a lot to digest from the Green party on housing. There are some sensible suggestions there and we fully agree with the view that housing should be a source of shelter not speculation.

Points of disagreement? Ok, empty properties issue – from earlier analysis in Cornwall we suspect that the number of empty properties that could be brought back into use is less than might be thought – there will always be a degree of frictional empty housing.

Changing council tax bands/LVT not really a runner – neither will prevent the really affluent from living where they want or bidding up house prices.

Whats missing? No reference to unsustainable population growth (largely driven by in-migration), which seems odd as the Green party is all about sustainability. Also nothing about second homes/holiday homes – in Cornwall a major issue.

But so far, the Greens score highly on seeking solutions to housing!


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