For people to live fulfilled lives they need a decent home at a cost
they can afford. But that simple ambition is getting further and
further out of reach. Britain has failed for decades to build enough homes, and in many places property prices and rents have risen beyond what normal working families can afford. Meanwhile
many older people in homes that are no longer right for their
circumstances would like to move but do not have suitable options.
We have made a start in addressing this. The supply of affordable
rented housing has been increasing. We have liberalised the
planning system, while protecting important green spaces. We have
pushed government departments to release unwanted sites for

But the problems are now in danger of becoming a crisis, with
home ownership plummeting among the under 40s, many young
people priced out of even renting a place of their own, and the risk of a new housing bubble, focused on London and the South East. We have to speed up house building and stop prices from getting any
further out of reach of families.

Oh dear its like the Labour manifesto – nothing about excess demand, nothing to reduce population growth, nothing about cutting second homes/luxury homes etc. Yes there is a danger of a housing bubble – so restrict investors/affluent non-UK households from pushing up house prices? Oh no we forgot the Lib Dems believe in a ‘free’ market regardless of its impact on the population.

Not building enough houses – have the Lib Dems checked the figures, DCLG figures often under-estimate actual figures. Do the Lib Dems really believe building more houses would stop house prices rising?

Another manifesto based on myth and misinformation!


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