Housing: the Conservative Party

Helping you to buy a home of your own

Our commitment to you:
The chance to own your own home should be available to everyone who works hard. We will:

help to keep mortgage rates lower by continuing to work through our long-term economic plan build more homes that people can afford, including 200,000 new Starter Homes exclusively for first-time buyers under 40

extend the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme to 2020 to help more people onto and up the housing ladder, and introduce a new Help to Buy ISA to support people saving for a deposit

give more people the chance to own their home by extending the Right to Buy to tenants of Housing Associations and create a Brownfield Fund to unlock homes on brownfield land

ensure local people have more control over planning and protect the Green Belt


Well nothing about second homes/holiday lets or unsustainable population growth there!

A supply led approach together with selling off public sector housing and providing limited funds to buyers.

The usual emphasis on building houses regardless with reference to using brownfield sites (there are not that many!), and giving local communities more control over planning! [On the latter that’s a bit of a joke as over the last few years local control has been non-existant or is it that local authorities see it as their duty to build more houses regardless?]

No votes for these policies then!


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