The paradox of new roads!

One alleged aim of new road developments is that they cut road congestion – the same applies to the new roads associated with the East-West link road notably the network at East Hill, Tuckingmill.

But we know that the practise is far removed from theory. There is now a new subway on the corner of the junction with 25 car parking spaces available.

According to the developers the new fast food outlet will not lead to much extra traffic as people will walk there from adjacent retail outlets! Yes of course they will! Thats why there are 25 car parking spaces. Lets be honest Subway want to attract people to the outlet, and most people travel to places by car. [People could walk there from residential areas but at the moment not that many people live nearby although with more housing planned at ‘Heartlands’ that will soon change!

So how much extra traffic could Subway generate?

Well the fast food outlet is open for 16 hours a day. If we assume that for each hour 20 out of 25 spaces will be used and each visitor stays for 30 minutes that results in 640 traffic movements each day. So more congestion not less!

[And again should we really be encouraging more car traffic?].


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