No shopping on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

Easter Sunday is it seems one of the few days of the year when shops are closed! What will people do? No trip to the supermarket and trudging around for an hour or so!

Now this is going to be unpopular but we don’t really see the need for shops to be open quite so much. Shops are now open for more days and for more time each day.

This has some rather negative side effects:

1) Retail workers working unsocial hours – ok, you want to go shopping at Midnight – would you like to be at work then?

2) Traffic – extra traffic on the roads in the evenings and weekends means more noise/air pollution/hassle for those living near or on the route to a supermarket.

3) There must be more to life than shopping? Take your weekend off – relax, chill out, calm down – you do not have to shop!!


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