Cram them in!

The cram them in regardless supporters of unsustainable population growth never mention the downside. Indeed, they often blame others for the negative side-effects of population growth – lack of housing – oh its the old people; or those people who dont want to cover the country in development – so called NIMBYs. But as we know population growth has a number of side effects as this report on ‘Its Our Cornwall’ notes.

England (and Cornwall) have the smallest new houses in Europe. Hardly surprising with the highest population density.

For the original source see:”


2 comments on “Cram them in!

  1. Reblogged this on permareblogging and commented:
    Having lived in Cornwall for 27 years I can say that I do know where you’re coming from!

  2. Peter Wyper says:

    For full story, RIBA paper “The Case for Space” , points out why we have rabbit hutches for homes, the social impact, and the reasons why developers excuses are rubbish.
    Use these arguments to object to any planning application for tiny houses as they cannot be sustainable.

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