Population growth – Penryn

Following on from yesterdays blog about the proposed housing development in Penryn and the statement by the Town Council about ‘inevitable’ population growth.

Lets look at some figures:

In 2011 the population of the Falmouth-Penryn area was: 42,098;
The number of housing spaces was: 19,827;
The number of occupied housing spaces was: 17,946;
The number of unoccupied housing spaces was: 1,881;
The number of persons per household was: 2.34.

Planned new houses: 2,600.

Now the population of the area is not going to increase due to an excess of births over deaths. Household size might fall, lets say to 2.15 persons per household, [although that rate of change is far above current trends]. That would mean a need for an extra 1,189 houses. So thats a total in all of 19,580 houses.

Ah but we already have 19,827 – so why plan for another 2,600?


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