Inevitable population growth? you cannot be serious!

On Saturday a protest was held regarding the Penryn College Valley new housing proposal.

About 180 protesters attended the event at College Valley in Penryn which has been earmarked by the town council for 200 homes.
Organiser Ben Bowskill said homes would have a “horrendous impact” on the area’s wildlife and appearance.
In response the Town Council said it had to plan for population growth “in the least damaging way for the town overall”. Penryn Town Council, which has earmarked the site for housing in its local development plan, said it had considered other options, but the valley site was the “least damaging”. It said: “The town council recognises and understands that this decision will not be popular in all quarters but also has to recognise responsibility to plan for the inevitability of population growth.”

inevitability of population growth? Nothing inevitable about it. The local population has not suddenly embarked on creating a baby boom, ‘population growth’ is due solely to more people moving to the area. And is that inevitable? No. As we know and as ‘It’s Our Cornwall’ pointed out on several occasions last week, there are vested interests who develop housing largely to attract people to Cornwall and who advertise, encourage and facilitate people moving. Thats not inevitable!


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