Crunch day for Truro?

Today is the crunch day for Truro with a number of planning applications before the Strategic Planning Committee. A good overview of the proposals is available here:

We could go through the minutiae of each proposal but it is easier to sum up the main issues and problems.

1) Truro does not need the housing numbers; these are excessive and will simply encourage more people to move to live around Truro;

2) There will be a significant loss of good agricultural land, food actually comes from land not Tescos!

3) Extra jobs – the ‘extra’ jobs will be needed to meet the needs of the extra jobseekers;

4) The ‘extra’ facilities (education, health etc) will be to meet the needs of the extra people;

5) The developments will lead to more traffic and more traffic congestion. It is improbable that people who currently commute to Truro will up sticks and move to the new housing;

6) Truro will not gain from the extra developments, it will be bigger but not better!


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