Population issues

Last weeks news that the Migration Observatory Unit had estimated that the migrant population of England had increased by 565,000 since 2011 resulted in various comments as to the benefits or otherwise of continued immigration into the UK.

With open borders it is quite easy for EU citizens to travel from one country to another and with many EU countries experiencing dire economic conditions the relative condition of the UK results in people moving to the UK.

Whether as some suggest boosting the population boosts the economy is debatable. Cornwall has seen the population rise dramatically with little signs of a positive impact on the economy. It is output per person which is crucial not overall output.

What is obvious is that any increase in population impacts on housing. The greater the population the greater the level of housing need.

A steady state population should be the objective of economic and social policy. In that context it is impossible to continue with policies that allow, indeed encourage the population to rise.


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