Evidence at last!

It has it appears been claimed that new houses are all taken up by local residents. But….

In fact, there is some evidence about the origins of residents of new open market housing schemes in Cornwall. Unfortunately, it dates from almost 30 years ago. In 1986/87 Cornwall County Council and the old District Councils got together and carried out a ‘new household survey’, looking at new private housing developments across Cornwall that had been built in the ten years from 1976 to 1986. This resulted in data from over 3,000 households, a very respectable sample size.

And what did that survey discover? Almost half of households – 44% – had moved directly from outside Cornwall to take up residence in new housing. In Caradon, which had the best response, this proportion was 62%. Housing with the highest proportion of households from outside Cornwall were found, not unexpectedly, in coastal and rural places and Newquay, along with east Cornwall. On top of these direct migrants, another 11% of households in the new houses had moved from other places in Cornwall but had only arrived at some point in the previous decade.



One comment on “Evidence at last!

  1. trerice says:

    Since the late 1980s the new way of selling has been via the internet accessible from all over the UK but the world. Another survey may produce very frightening results!

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