More homes but for who?

The ‘Homes for Britain’ group are launching their pre-election campaign today. The roadshow kicks off with the big launch today Tuesday 17 February from 12noon to 2pm at Land’s End.

The Homes for Britain campaign brings together the entire housing world to ask all political parties to commit to end the housing crisis within a generation. Within the South West housing organisations are coming together to highlight the campaign by staging a Homes for Britain roadshow from Land’s End to London.

But who is involved – the entire housing world is referred to. If that is the case could they not ask why so many luxury homes are being built? [See yesterdays blog].

It’s too simplistic to call for more house building. If we use Cornwall as a case study – lots of houses have been built, but it is claimed there is still a housing crisis!

Now if the organisation called for more publicly funded social /affordable housing and an end to the building and for that matter transfer of properties to the luxury and leisure sectors, they would have a good case!


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